Ministry and Training to Reach the Unreached



• Millions of Arabs are questioning their religious beliefs, and there is a greater openness to the Good News.
• Arabs fleeing conflict are coming to America and into contact with the gospel.

A Season for Action

In this God-given moment of opportunity….

American churches need training and strategies as they care for immigrants fleeing the conflict in the Middle East.

We believe the Church should provide the answers! We believe many churches should act now, by launching a ministry designed for immigrant peoples. Whether incorporated into youth meetings, Sunday meetings, Sunday school or other ministries, we will help you go to the other people who now live among us. “Lift Your Eyes” will work together with you to help you start this new ministry in your church. We will:

  • EQUIP: your church for relevant, informed ministry by sharing as much as you want to know about immigrants’ culture, religion, “do’s and don’ts,” worldview and other helpful insights. We help equip you through the materials we have developed, and through our Eastern background perspective combined with our and degreed-teaching ministry experience — and, of course, in the power of God. (Click here to read more about this ministry.)
  • REACH: We have several proven “strategies” to reach immigrant peoples. You won’t be doing this alone — we will do it together with you, hand-in-hand for as long as you deem necessary.
  • PROTECT: Protect our kids at school, our wives and our husbands at work. Everyone now faces a plethora of new questions from immigrants about our Christian beliefs—but often asked in a manner to create confusion about what we profess to believe as Christians. Mingling and socializing with new immigrant cultures is wonderful — but you have to know more first. For example, can you “prove” that the Bible (God’s Word) is not altered — without using our Bible as your basis of “proof”? (Remember, for many new immigrant non-believers you need another “proof” source for your beliefs.) And our kids and wives and husbands are being bombarded with many other similar questions for which we are not prepared with adequate answers. We will help you to learn these questions and get the right answers.

Our Goal

  • To put tools and materials into your hands so that you will have the courage to reach immigrants around you.
  • To answer your questions and reveal the truth about other religions.

Contact us to for more information about topics covered.

Schedule and Cost
The schedule is up to you. We recommend a one-day event with approximately six hours of instruction, including small breaks. let us know what fits your needs. Lift Your Eyes Seminars are free, although we appreciate reimbursement for travel expenses (if available). We are seeking prayer and financial partners to undergird our expanding ministry to advance the gospel among unreached Arab people groups.

We would like to bring this seminar to your church, your Sunday school/ adult Bible fellowship or Bible study group. Please contact us. Let us hear from you!


NOW AVAILABLE: Teach to Reach Seminars

God calls us to go to the world and preach the gospel. Today, that world is coming to us as thousands and millions of Arab immigrants have arrived. The command to “go to the world” may now very well be right in your own neighborhood. But to reach them you need to know how to reach them based on the love of Jesus for the world. We offer a FREE seminar every month: we speak about their history, teachings, and how to reach them. We answer questions you may have. Please, click here for more information, or to reserve your place in the next seminar.