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Our Mission of Unity

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Our Mission of Unity

God has been using us in many different areas since we decided to obey Him and step out in ministry. We have traveled in numerous areas sometimes to orchestrate or take part in evangelical events, training seminars, and conferences. Other times we have represented organizations and carried out the work of God as He led us.







On the outside looking in, I once thought Cyprus was a very calm and peaceful place suitable for a leisurely vacation spot. However, after taking multiple mission trips there I discovered that this tiny island has had a large amount of struggle and is in need of evangelism. There is a people there very much in need of the love of God and I have been praying for the people and ministry there since that time.



Egypt is considered a very important country to Islam and the Middle East. We made no less than 15 trips to Egypt between 2004 and 2014. Each trip was very fruitful. We held multiple pastors’ and leadership conferences. We also visited a variety of denominational churches, distributed wheelchairs to people of different religions and social statuses, and more.



When we think about India, we think about great need. If you journey there you will understand what it means to be in a country of religious pluralism and poverty. In India, 80% of the population practices Hinduism, 13.8% Islam, 2.4% Christianity, 1.9% Sikhism, 1.5% Buddhism, and 0.4% Jainism. There is a great need in India for the truth of the gospel. However, God is moving in many different ways. I love those people and the ministry there.



The people of Jordan are very hospitable and open to the Word of God. My journeys there bring many fond memories. On one of my trips, we took a census about the love of God. We went from person to person asking them what they know about the love of God. We found that 99% of the people do not believe in, nor can they comprehend, the love of God. They only see Him as an almighty, powerful, and harsh God of judgment. Speaking about the mercy and love of God impacted a lot of people and softened their hearts toward the gospel.



Libya has a long history of Christianity. When you travel there you can see evidence of this. There are church buildings converted into coffee shops or other businesses. However, today there are very few churches and it is difficult to reach the people there. Despite these difficulties, it is my goal and my call to reach people such as these with the love of Christ. Pray for Libya and the work that God is doing there.



My trip to Philippines with Heartland Ministries was one of the best trips I have ever been on. There, we met with many pastors on several different islands. We participated in meetings with children, teens, and adults. Heartland provided aids including food and other needed supplies. The Holy Spirit is moving there although there is a continued need for more evangelistic endeavors.


PalestineandIsraelPalestine and Israel

In the hot seat of the world where there is unending conflict and bloodshed, the real need of the people is evident—to encounter the love of God. As God’s love is impressed upon the human character there is change. The change is big enough to bring peace to a war that has been going on for so many years. It will enable people to forgive and love one another in a way that seems utterly impossible.



Our main ministry in Syria was with the young people—especially teenagers. When working with youth you are working with the future. Their future there can be brighter as God’s people continue pouring into them even in the midst of their many struggles and challenges.



My mission trip to Spain was one of the best experiences I have ever had in the ministry. Through CCC (Cru), I had the opportunity to assist another Arab man in leading about 40 people of different ages and from different countries. Together, we reached out to a lot of Arab people in that place. We distributed approximately 65,000 Bibles and several thousand children’s books in addition to sharing the Good News to hundreds of others. The nature of our work, the results we saw, and the depth of our ministry is unmatched anywhere else I have ever visited.



Christians in Turkey are less than 2% of the population. Despite the Islamic majority, there is great disparity in the culture. For example, the culture in Istanbul is very Western, but outside the cities there is a lot of religious conservatism. In all the Middle East, Turkey is one of the hardest countries to have a ministry, but it is also one that is most in need of hearing the Good News. In my ministry there I saw hardness of heart in many, but I also saw people come to salvation and that is always worthwhile.

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