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Godly Influences

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Godly Influences

We have been in ministry for more than 30 years. The various works God has called us to be part of include teen ministry in our local church, leadership and service with Campus Crusade for Christ, Heartland Ministries, Hope for Ishmael, Voice of the Martyrs, Converge Worldwide, and also teaching at Heartland Christian College.

Through these ministries, and others, our lives have been influenced by Godly men and women who are advancing the Kingdom. Here are just a few who have shaped or impacted us.


Sharpe.CharlesCharles Sharpe

As I worked under Pastor Charles Sharpe at CNS International Ministries from 2003 to 2013, he influenced my life in ways I could never have imagined. He is an amazing man of God who is generous and full of practical love. He practices what he preaches and is faithful in prayer. I have had the privilege of going with him on many mission trips to several different countries. I not only look to him for counsel, but count him as a father and a friend.


Aoun.HenriHenri Aoun

As a leader in Cru (CCC), Henri Aoun has a love for God and enthusiasm for ministry that is very evident to all who meet him. I had the opportunity to visit with him several times while working in ministry with Cru. His smile and enthusiasm are contagious. His seasoned and loving leadership is something I hope emulate.



Faragallah.MounirMounir Faragallah

Uncle Mounir Faragallah, my international director while I worked with Cru from 1992 to 2003, has greatly impacted my life. His experience, wisdom, and vision for the future have been so valuable to the ministry. He has such a great love and understanding for the people he serves and never seems to tire of doing good.



Ashcroft.JohnJohn Ashcroft

I had the privilege of meeting John Ashcroft, the former United States Attorney General, when I was a professor at Heartland Christian College. His humble yet decisive spirit is powerfully influential. He has a boldness to speak the truth in love that significantly influenced my life.



JerryDeeDr. Jerry & Dee Sheveland

Dr. Jerry, president of Converge Worldwide Ministries, and his wife have shown my family so much hospitality and love in the time I have known them and have greatly touched my heart. They have impacted us through their advice and questions to expand our vision as we step out in ministry.



Douglass.StephenMr. Stephen B. Douglass

I met Mr. Douglass, the President/Chairman of the Board of Cru (CCC), while in Africa and had the opportunity to spend a little time with him while I was there. In sharing his vision for the work of God, he cultivated a greater desire in me to love others and serve in ministry the rest of my life. In the few minutes I spent with him, I was impacted for a lifetime.


Brother Lau.WilliamWilliam

I worked in ministry with brother William, we had wonderful event with brother William and the group in Minya in 2002. The time we shared was a turning point in my life and ministry. We still keep in contact today and share our dreams for the ministry. I thank God for his friendship.


Priest BaseliousBasilios4825

Father Baselious has been a friend, counselor, and partner for many years. He pastors the largest Catholic Church in Egypt and has founded six Catholic Schools. His schools serve many people from different social and religious backgrounds. His deep insight on the grace of God and ministry to people is always evident. He has an understanding of the unity of the Church which leads him to open His meetings for us to preach and share the Good News to all people. His humility, patience, encouragement, and prayer have significantly impacted my life. It has been a privilege working with him in translation and long term missions.

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