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Two Rows by the Sea

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Two Rows by the Sea

In February of 2015, the whole world watched in horror as ISIS beheaded 21 Egyptian Christian young men. After learning of this atrocity, Lift Your Eyes founders quickly responded with compassion, organizing relief efforts to help the families impacted by this tragedy. After an outpouring of support from believers all around the world, Ashraf Ibrahim traveled to Egypt to bring hope and aid to the families of the martyrs. A brief trip report is shared below, and a video report is available by clicking here.

Also, if you wish to donate for ongoing work among “The Rejected”, visit our Project 4 page for ways to help.

April 2015 Trip Report

Lift Your Eyes ministries formed a new partnership with the Coptic Church in Al-Minia, Egypt. We enjoyed a wonderful meeting with Bishop Befnuoteous for a future ministry together.

Another meeting with the priest of Al Awa village in Samalut, and looking forward to more ministries together.

Encouragement through Prayer

As I met the families of the martyrs, we shared the Word of God and we prayed together. Also, they were encouraged when I told them that “your brothers and sisters from America are praying for all of you.”

Encouragement through Gifts

We thank God for your gifts which helped them in their circumstances… Your gift helps the widows, the children, the parents and the whole family.

Encouragement for Parents and Widows

It was a great encouragement to do as the Bible said — to help the widows and honor the parents.

Encouragement for the Children

The hardest moment was when I held or talked to the children, trying to put a smile on their face.

A Special Prayer

Please continue to pray for this special case. This widow was in her bed and she did not even recognize that we were in the home and standing around her bed. She went into shock since hearing about the killing of her husband. We took this opportunity to talk with her family and prayed over her before we left.

A thank you and a prayer…

Once again, we want to thank you for reaching out to your brothers and sisters in Christ and ask that you please continue in doing that. You can make a difference in the kingdom of God. While you may not be able to go to the field, you did send Lift Your Eyes staff and supported them with your prayer and gift.

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  1. Jonty Dempsey

    Ashraf, this has touched my heart so deeply. Thank you for hearing from God and obeying and letting those who are suffering for the cause of Christ, know they are not forgotten.


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