Ministry and Training to Reach the Unreached

“Blessed be Egypt my people,” (Is. 19:25)

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Pastors’ conference:
1. We had over 450 in attendance at our interdenominational pastor’s conference including pastors from all over Egypt. It was amazing to think we were able to touch so many churches in just three days! Our continued prayers and correspondence with them will help water the seeds of encouragement that were planted in their hearts.

2. We also shared in a conference with about 250 Assembly of God pastors. This was another opportunity to touch 250 more churches with words of encouragement and hope. During one of the meetings, Pastor Tim, a Baptist pastor from Missouri, prayed over them and shared words of encouragement. It was a beautiful picture of unity in the body of Christ.

3. We not only focused on pastors, but also included leaders, lay workers, elders, and others who are working together with their pastors to build up the body of Christ.


1. Ashraf had the opportunity to reintroduce lessons on leadership he formerly taught in Missouri. The seminar offered included 9 action packed sessions to about 20 Sudanese students currently attending a school on church planting.

2. The other seminar Ashraf led was concerning how to have a healthy marriage for a group of newlywed couples. He answered a lot of questions on how they can build a biblical foundation in their married life together.

Meeting in different churches:

1. It is such an honor to be a friend of the Catholic priest, Baselious, in the largest Catholic Church in Egypt. We visited his church again this year as we normally do and the Spirit of God was there. God’s presence was evident in the worship and prayer time we shared together.

2. We then also visited the largest Presbyterian Church in the Middle East where we were able to preach during their Sunday night main meeting. It was a time of revival and the presence of God filled the place we gathered.

Other meetings:

1. We also served in a special meeting for the sick, where about 300 people with terminal illness and other sickness gathered for healing and encouragement.

2. Another leaders’ meeting was held with leaders young and old to encourage and equip them for powerful and effective service in ministry.


1. We distributed about 100 wheelchairs to people from various religious backgrounds. We strive, by the grace of God, to do good as we have opportunity to everyone in need just as Jesus did.

2. We also gave supplies, clothes, money, and many other things to those in need.

Other ministries: 

God gave Ashraf the opportunity to meet with several people for private counseling including church leaders, pastors, and young people.


You can’t go to Egypt without visiting the Pyramids, the Sphinx and riding a genuine Egyptian camel!

If you or your church is interested in participating in this type of outreach, click here to contact the Lift Your Eyes office for details.

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