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Project 4: Who Wants to Buy a Manger Animal?

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Project 4.

Last winter, ISIS terrorists killed 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya. Soon after that God gave LYE Ministries the opportunity to reach out to each one of their families. We were able to encourage them, pray with them, and offer them financial gifts.

When Ashraf visited them, he saw firsthand their desperate situations. Their most pressing needs arose out of the fact that they lost their primary sources of income. However, these families were not the only ones to lose. After the 21 men were beheaded, hundreds of others fled the scene fearing for their lives and losing their jobs in the process. Those who survived returned home with nothing; they have no job, and very little probability of finding one. These families are struggling and many are living on one or maybe two meager meals a day.

In addition to continually offering them the Word of God for healing and hope, we would like to offer them practical help as well. We have been drawing up plans to help them start small businesses through livestock and transportation. These businesses can be run by the individual families directly impacted by the losses in Libya. It will take an estimated $50,000 USD to implement this project and purchase cows, sheep, goats, “Tok Toks,” and Tricycles.

Specifics and break down of costs:


  • We will purchase cows at approximately $1351 each (193 kilograms at approximately $7 per kilo)
  • Annual food cost for each cow is roughly 30-40% or $423
  • Veterinarian costs will be about $203 annually (includes 11 visits with required shots)
  • We will also have to transport the animal to the family, have required paperwork, and will have volunteers follow up with the family
  • This brings the total cost for one cow to approximately $2500.


Other Livestock*

  • Each sheep will cost approximately $1025
  • Each goat will cost approximately $675

*sheep and goats will have a cost break down similar to cows


Motor Vehicles

  • Each Tok Tok will cost $2370 (including paperwork and a little for maintenance)
  • Each Tricycle will cost $1750 (including paperwork and a little for maintenance)

All of these items will be used by the families for income through milking, breeding, and/or providing transportation. They will provide a lower risk opportunity for income for widows with children.


Distribution Timeline

  • January 7, 2016 by LYE volunteers in Egypt
  • March/April 2016 by LYE Ministries and representatives from Heartland Ministries in Missouri
  • July/August 2016 by LYE Ministries and Cru
  • November 2016 by LYE ministries and youth mission team


Donate Now

If you would like to partner with us in making this a reality, please click here. Whether donating by check or credit card, write “Project 4” on the memo line. You can make a difference in the lives of those facing religious persecution in the Middle East!

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