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Distributing back-packs.

Lift Your Eyes is excited to share with you a new opportunity God has graciously given us. We have a new volunteer working among people facing persecution and poverty. She is just starting out and needs a lot of support. She is ministering in about 25 villages among 120 families. She also reaches out to 37 widows, approximately 50 without income, and about 50 who have serious illnesses including cancer, kidney failure, Hepatitis C and other diseases.

Our goal is to have 25 individuals or groups make a commitment of $200 per month. This small amount of money can feed families, pay for medical treatment, send kids to school, and much more. This is real ministry that the Bible mentions to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, help the widows, and heal the sick.

Would you consider partnering with us for this project? Our prayer and goal is to start this project in January 2017. We have faith that we can do this and more as God moves hearts like yours to support this work. Any gift will help us reach our goal. Thank you again for your heart for the gospel.

How you can help: 

Pray that God sends the needed resources

Give, as you can, with a portion of more or less than $200/month

Spread the word!

To offer your financial support to this cause click

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