Ministry and Training to Reach the Unreached

Job Creation Project

After meeting with the bishop of Samulate and the priest of the Al awa church, as well as our volunteers in Egypt in the spring of 2015, we discussed the consequences of the martyrdom of 21 Egyptian men that happened some months ago by ISIS. Through your support, we were able to bring some relief to the situation that those 21 families face.

Unfortunately, there are other families also in great need. Because of the economic situation in Egypt, there are many (like the young men who were killed) who go to nations like Libya in hopes of providing a better life for their families. After the killings, people from that area came back to their homes in Egypt. They lost all the money they had earned in Libya, came back without hopes of a job, and are facing life with their families without income. I got some reports from our volunteers in Egypt saying that those people wished to die like the others “which will be better than coming back putting their heads down before their families and kids as they are not able to make them a good life.”

Through the Job Creation Project, our goal is to create jobs, small businesses and work projects to help them to have an income. Our volunteers are currently busy doing feasibility study for those projects.

If you have experience in starting this type of ministry, we are looking for patterns to do this and asking the Lord to guide us. Please contact Lift Your Eyes to help in any of these ways:

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