Ministry and Training to Reach the Unreached

What We Do


Our mission is to reach out to all people in need—especially least reached people groups. This includes people from various cultural and religious backgrounds, people with special needs and people of all ages that they would have the opportunity to hear the Good News and join the family of God.childrenJMS-3460

Wherever God opens the door for us we go:

  • Evangelize and Minister:
    • By holding large evangelical events.
    • By ministering to felt needs in distributing wheelchairs, medicine, clothes, etc.
    • By organizing special service projects including children’s programs for the orphaned or those on the streets.
  • Visit Churches:
    • To offer encouragement and service as needed.
    • To build a personal relationship so that ministry can expand and grow.
  • Train:
    • We hold pastor/leadership conferences and training groups, including training for young people.
    • We hold teaching seminars on methods for evangelism—especially for least reached people groups.

Our Calling
Our Vision

Ministry Examples

Click on the links below to view reports from completed ministry projects:

Aid for families of martyrs – (photos)
Egypt: April 2015


Project4Aid for families of martyrs – (video)
Egypt: April 2015