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Our Testimony

Our Testimony

My name is Ashraf Ibrahim and I was born in Egypt in a mid-sized town. I grew up in a small family with my parents and one older brother. I was from a “Christian” family, which just meant that we were not Muslims.

ashrafibrahimDSC_3544 In Egypt, the Catholic Church is a very traditional church and my family attended there, but they were not really Christians. I used to go to the church with my family and I could not convert to any other religion because that was not allowed in our culture.

I attended Sunday school until one day I saw my Sunday school teacher smoking in the street. After that, I stopped going, but I could not leave the church, as our culture does not allow that—especially since my family was very active and well-known in the Catholic Church.

Growing up, I did not commit any sins that would be considered major. Sometimes, I lied or swore, but I did not do much else. I was an obedient boy and not rebellious; also, my family was conservative and I was taught to be polite. But, of course, I found out it is not about what I was outwardly doing, but what I was inside, which was a sinner. I was born with sin as the Bible says in Psalm 51:5, “Behold I was shaped in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me.” So my actions were the fruit of what I really was inside.

By age ten, I started to go to a meeting for teenagers. I was the youngest boy in this meeting, and I was very shy. One day, the church meeting was almost over and the leader of the meeting asked a known guest to come up and say a word before they finished. This man went to the pulpit and he said, “Before I say a word, I want to sing a very well-known song about heaven.” The people started to sing with him and these were some of the words: “Heaven will be mine and the greatest thing in it is my Redeemer” and also, “I will gaze with my eyes on You, Jesus. Oh Jesus, my precious person…” What caught my attention in that moment was the expression on the people’s faces while they were singing. They had their eyes closed and their heads were lifted up in worship. Their faces were filled with great joy and happiness. A question sprang up in my mind: “Why are those people happy like that? What is the secret of their joy?” I couldn’t sing, but I just looked at their faces and no answer came to me.

The time came when the guest preacher stopped singing and started to speak briefly. He only said, “If you want to be happy like us, if you want to see Jesus, if you want to go to heaven with us, stand up and pray and repent, and accept Jesus as your Savior.”

When the preacher said this, I couldn’t stand up, but I prayed and said this to Jesus: “I do not understand what sin means or what salvation means, and I do not understand all of the preacher’s words, but I need to go to heaven and see You. I want You and I want to be with You. I repent and I confess.” I also prayed, “You know Jesus that I am shy and I can’t stand up with the other people, but I open my heart to You to have this salvation.”

The only thing that I felt was great joy that filled my heart at that time. I ran to my house, and I told my older brother about what had happened to me. He asked me if I felt joy in my heart and I said, “Yes, very much!” He took my Bible and wrote the date on the front cover and said to me, “Today is a new beginning in your life! You are saved!” I remember that when I accepted Jesus, I did not feel a great conversion as some would describe, but I felt Jesus Himself in my life. My behavior did not change a lot, but the real change was in my heart.

Since that time, I have lived with Jesus. I feel His peace, joy, and satisfaction. My life has had ups and downs, but Jesus never leaves my heart. He chose me to be a missionary and I obeyed; I have been ministering for Him for more than twenty-five years. Everyday I enjoy His blessings, His peace, and His victory in my life. I can repeat what is mentioned in Psalm 37:25, “I have been young and now am old, yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, and His seed begging bread.”

Please do not look for happiness in any other thing like money, marriage, alcohol, or sex, because real happiness is in Jesus. Don’t say, “I’m okay. I don’t commit big sins.” Instead say, “I need my heart changed.” Today I invite you to accept Jesus as your Savior.

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