Ministry and Training to Reach the Unreached

Pastors Project

DSCF7592One of the privileges I had in my last trip to Egypt is to minister in two pastors conference. The first one is with about 400 pastors from all over Egypt and from all the denominations, and the other one with about 250 pastors. In most meetings, two challenges were evident:

  • The development of the pastors
  • The economic challenge

Developing Pastors

As a result of the unrest, there a lot of changes in Egypt; value changes, new generation’s thoughts in this modern life, a wave of atheism that is new to Egypt and our pastors have a severe lack of biblical answers for those people. Other issues the pastors are facing include:

  • a need for training in how to disciple the many people converting to Christianity
  • understanding the globalization that is invading Egypt
  • broken families with the advent of divorce (has never before been an issue in Egypt)
  • economic situation generating interaction of thousands of unmarried women and men, which leads to immorality from both sexes toward each other

The need for ministry is greater than ever, but due to the bad economic situation, there is little income to the church and the pastors. They are forced to work to provide for their families, and have no funds to improve their church or to reach out (transportation to minister, purchase books, computers, etc.).

Pastors Project intuitive suggested steps:

  • The suggested name for the project is “Gideon’s Men” taken from the story when God chose 300 men to go to the war against the Midianites. The 300 pastors will be chosen according to a specific criteria and our volunteers in Egypt are working in that proposal.
  • Strategy: choose 300 pastors from three different areas in Egypt
  • Training will last 3 years
  • Host three conferences each year: two in every region (with its 100 pastors) and one for the whole group (the 300 hundred pastors). Those conferences will lean toward teaching: apologetics, a healthy family, skills and others.
  • Give each pastor two books to read every month, which means 24 books a year, and 72 books in the three years.
  • Provide laptops, used or new, after pastors finish a kind of computer class.
  • Give $50 to each pastor per month
  • Every pastor will pay a participation fee if he wants to be a part of this project.
  • Every pastor will be required to fulfill all the assignments: read the book and write a brief summary, finish the computer class, show progress in his ministry, get the church comments about his improvement, share at least one or two testimonies from each group in the ministry (as the atheist, different background people and the other groups).

This is the tentative proposal and we are still working to finish to the final picture. If you want to get involved in this project, we welcome your participation. Make a financial gift, help sponsor a conference or volunteer to be part of the teaching team in Egypt, provide a laptop, help to buy the books, help the monthly support, etc. Contact Lift Your Eyes today!