Ministry and Training to Reach the Unreached

Focus 4

The Rejected

There are many people who face rejection in today’s world. These people may include the persecuted, minority groups, those rejected by their families, or even those struggling with guilt and self-acceptance.

Our project:

We work with several different organizations to help people facing various types of rejection. We endeavor to aid them spiritually, socially, emotionally, and economically. We do one-on-one counseling, small group meetings, and other individual special help. We also send some aid such as clothes, medicine, and toys to children when needed.

We are in need of:

1-  Churches, organizations, and/or individuals who can help in this area.

  • Travel availability
  • Online face time connection availability
  • Donation of needed resources

2-  If you would like to offer your prayer, assistance, or resources for this project, please click Contact for more information.

3-   Donate by sending a check or money order or give directly online through PayPal (click Partner).


Completed Projects

Click on the links below to view reports from completed projects:

Aid for families of martyrs – (photos)
Egypt: April 2015


Project4Aid for families of martyrs – (video)
Egypt: April 2015