Ministry and Training to Reach the Unreached

Focus 3

Restoring Families

It is no secret that families today are in peril. Families are dealing with the effects of divorce, abuse, abandonment, and abortion. One of God’s first acts after creation was the establishment of the family. Ever since that time, Satan has sought to destroy it. If families are broken it has far reaching consequences in society and future generations.

Our project:

1-   To work towards the restoration of broken families and the establishment of a Christian foundation through counseling, teaching sessions, conferences and/or other family centered gatherings.

2-   To work with new couples and young families concerning the issues facing them so that they can move forward effectively with a God-centered marriage and family life, also through counseling, teaching sessions, conferences, and/or other family centered gatherings.

We are in need of:

1-   Partnership in one or more of the following ways:

  • Prayer for this project.
  • Schedule a conference or teaching seminar by your church targeting broken and/or young families to do it in some countries in the Middle East and others (click Contact)
  • Schedule other family centered gatherings or counseling sessions in these countries
  • Assist in dissemination of teaching material.
  • Donate by sending a check or money order or give directly online through PayPal (click Partner)

2-   Our goal is to launch this project by 2015.