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Turning Point

Turning Point

I was born and raised in Egypt. God has blessed me with a wonderful family, my wife Nivin, our two daughters, and a son.

I was born in a Catholic Christian home and grew up going to church every Sunday with my family, but did not have a real relationship with God. In 1972 at the age of 11, I got saved and since that time I have lived for God. Like any other person, I passed through many victories and defeats, ups and downs, but the Lord was with me all the time.

By the time of my salvation, my mother got cancer and the life of my family completely changed. We had struggles, sadness, fear of death, financial problems and an all-around uncomfortable life. I loved my mom very much; she was my mom, my friend and everything in my life. God used this experience as a tool to teach me how to pray, wait on God, have patience and more passion for Him. I experienced the answer to those prayers, as Mom lived 20 years with cancer. That was a miracle!

In 1996, I met my wife, when we worked for Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC). In May of 2003, we knew it was God’s plan for us to leave Egypt and move to the United States. We prayed and had quiet assurance in our hearts that God would open the door of His choosing. Then, we received a call from a man we never met before. He was the one who sent us to a place called Heartland. When we came to Heartland, we found that the community there was completely different from anything we had previously known.

During the first week after our arrival in Heartland, I was search for confirmation. However, I had an unforgettable meeting with the pastor there. He talked to me about my life and future. His words were in agreement with the words that the Holy Spirit had already spoken to me in prayer. I was surprised and had to ask myself how this man could know all of these things about me. This was the confirmation for me that God wanted us to be at Heartland.

We do believe that God chose Heartland for us, a place we had never heard about, to be the place of teaching and reforming for us. When God wants to stretch someone, He will put him in different circumstance to test their character—this is what God did for me. God, as the Great Potter, uses a lot of tools to do His work and He used the people in my life to bring about change in me. Sometimes, we do not like or accept the people around us, but I learned a lesson in this living at Heartland. I can accept the differences in people not only as my brothers and sisters in the kingdom, but as tools to bring correction, “as iron sharpens iron” (see Pro. 27:17).

God also began to talk to me about some things in my life that I thought were no big deal. At Heartland, Pastor Charlie always preaches about holiness in the life of the believer. In the beginning, I did not think this preaching was for me. After all, I never drank, smoked, took drugs, or had any unlawful relationships before I married. However, God began to show me that even I am in need of such a message. Holiness is not only about not doing certain things; it is also about doing the right things and keeping a clean heart before God. God has been purifying me more and more about truly hating sin, rebuking it, and treating it like Jesus did when He walked the earth. God has also taken me to deeper levels of trust in Him by teaching me not to depend upon my own practical mind.

When God takes everything from you, then you just look at God and the work He is doing in you. That is what God has done with me. He taught me to focus only on Him and not the ministry or the work; He has to be the first in everything. I used to preach all of these things but now God has taught me how to live it. God used my time at Heartland to take me to a deeper way of understanding and living.

DSC_5662God also allowed me many opportunities at Heartland such as earning my MA degree, teaching in Heartland Christian College and teaching Bible classes at Heartland Christian Academy Boarding School. As a small group leader and a teacher/professor, I had the opportunity to tell about God’s work in my life on a daily basis. In addition to this, I have been able to work a lot with our church’s mission team. Each year, I help organize a group of people to go to my home country, Egypt. Pastor Charles of Heartland has preached to thousands of people about the love of Christ. Through these missions we have been able to support the people of Egypt in many different areas including reaching out to Muslims, giving out wheelchairs, clothes and medicine to those with special needs, and many other things. On these trips I have had the opportunity to help with translation as well in addition to trips to other Arabic-speaking countries.

I cannot deny or forget the great mercy that God has given us to support us through our life process. The home we live in, the happiness of my children in their schools and with their teachers, their friends, the love and support of the people around us, the ministry we are doing here and overseas, the continual support from Pastor Charles and his wife Laurie from Heartland, and many other things.

God, through his mercy, has reformed us and shaped us for His service. As the Potter, He took us into His hand, destroyed vessel of our past, and then rebuilt us again. The one who accepts God’s molding will gain, but the one who refuses, it refuses the hand of God and His teachings.